21 Super Fun Activities to do With Your Little Kids This Summer

Get a big flat rubbermaid box or cardboard box and fill it with cornmeal (or rice, beans, or sand).  Add toys, matchbox cars, scoops, muffin pans, etc. Get a big blanket or sheet, set it on the deck, and put out playdo and playdo toys or plastic knives, cookie cutters, toothpicks, tubes to roll the…

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Get Out of Your Head Spirals

Thank you for listening to my podcast on this topic! I sure hope it helped you! Push the “Download” button below to download the Spiral charts from the book Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen. Below are links to her book and study guide as well. I hope you buy one or both,…

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Ultimate Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas: Elementary & Middle School

Famous Artists (Study an artist each week and do a project that incorporates that artist’s style.) Painting (Practice painting using different types of paint–watercolors, oils, acrylics, watercolor pens, etc. Spend a few weeks on each topic) Portrait Drawing (Lean how to draw faces. Learn about proportions, eyes, shading, ears, hair, etc. Practice drawing using your…

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