Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • I just feel so overwhelmed as a mom. 
  • No one understands or knows how I feel.
  • I wish I had MORE time with my kids!
  • I need a BREAK from my kids!
  • I don’t know what I’m doing!
  • I’m doing my best for my family but I feel so judged and misunderstood.
  • I’m never going to get through this!

What if you could feel more...

  • Understood & Connected?
  • Happy & Relaxed?
  • Confident & Balanced?
  • Energized & Fun?
  • And maybe even burst out laughing?

Girl, this book is just what you need!!!

Mom of Six Dies Laughing: How to Ditch Overwhelm & Mom Guilt, Feel More Connected & Empowered, and Have More Fun!

How do you handle mouthy teenagers, dirty diapers, unhappy customers, grouchy husbands, and hormones??!!

Six kids and 20 years in the pen…I mean, parenting…I know what it’s like to be in the trenches of motherhood! My name is Elaine Kochanowicz, and believe me, I’ve seen it all!

Using humor and true stories of the unexpected adventures of mom life, I help moms realize they’re not alone, they’re not crazy, and they CAN throw mom guilt and judgement out the window and have more fun!

In this book I cover

  • The key ingredients for avoiding burnout & overwhelm
  • How to get closer to Jesus in the middle of the craziness 
  • How to focus more on the positives and not sweat the small stuff
  • Fun ideas to do with your children of ALL ages (from babies to young adults)
  • Practical advice for the biggest hurdles of modern parenting
  • Advice from my own experience on choosing the best educational model for your child
  • How new moms can avoid the pitfalls of mom guilt and judgement and make the best choices for their baby
  • Practical advice for moms of toddlers and little ones
  • And much more!

Mom, you need a break! So grab this book, grab a mocha, escape from your kiddos for a few minutes (even if that means locking yourself in the bathroom!) and enjoy this easy to read, humorous ride through motherhood that will transform you from feeling like the Grinch to feeling Great in no time!

Loved the book, it was a quick, easy read and so relatable!!! I would highly recommend it for any mom out there no matter how old your kids are!!!!
Vanessa Frazier
5 stars for a fun empowering book about being a mom. I would definitely recommend this to my other mom friends.
E. Marriot
I loved this book!!  It is a book that will encourage you in the craziness of motherhood, make you laugh and give you great ideas for being a mom to kids of all ages.  The author fills the pages with stories that you can relate to and practical ideas on how to handle so many different situations that you may face in raising kids. 
Traci Yoder
If you are in search of some parenting “realness,” look no further than Elaine Kochanowicz’s “Mom of 6 Dies Laughing!” In this raw & witty work you will find stories, tips and tricks from a Mama who knows not to take herself– or her kids!– too seriously! Elaine gives her perspective on everything from fitness and mental health to child-discipline and nipple cream. This book shines with personality, style and most importantly– the light of Christ. A fun & easy read!
Lisa French

Hi Moms! Not long ago I had 6 kids under the age of 12, so I know what it’s like to love your family and still feel totally overwhelmed at the same time! 

These days I have a whole new set of craziness with 3 adult children, 2 teenagers, and 1 kiddo (elementary age).  Whenever the kids were little I thought…18 years and that’s it! Well, I was wrong! You never stop being a mom!  

I love it and wouldn’t change a thing! But I know that with all the pressures, we need to be reminded of our wins, get a little good advice, feel connected, and laugh a LOT! After all, your kids won’t take you seriously, so why should you??!!

So BUY THE BOOK! You’ll get some GREAT encouragement, some really PRACTICAL tips on ditching overwhelm & burnout, and a WHOLE lot of relatable stories and ideas that will make you think “Oh, wow, I’m not the only one!”  Besides, you’ll get to laugh at all my mistakes, and who doesn’t like a good laught??  Hopefully that will take the pressure off you and you’ll say to yourself, “Hey, I’m doing a pretty good job!” 

So whether you’re a new mom who just got home with a newborn trying to figure out why in the heck the hospital let you take home a REAL human being when you have NO experience with children, or maybe you’re so seasoned as a mom that you don’t even flinch when your teenage son curls up in the fetal position because you just took away his phone, I’ve got something for you!

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Author details: Elaine Kochanowicz is a wife and mother of 6. Over the years she ran a play group, was a homeschooling mom for 15 years, started a homeschool co-op that grew to 150 people, finished 4 triathlons, helped her husband with his growing INC 5000 business, wrote a few children’s plays, and played a lot of four square! She’s had kids in public and private school as well, has become a veteran in feeding a large family, hates laundry, and loves chocolate and adventures!  These days she helps moms through her podcast, speaking, social media posts, book, and courses.