Motivational Speaking

Elaine Kochanowicz

Are you looking for a boring speaker that speaks in a monotone, never smiles, uses lots of charts and graphs, and puts the front row to sleep?  I hope not! Because if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place!

Elaine brings energy, humor, and dynamic interaction to all her events!  No snoozing here!  She captivates audiences with her funny stories, great stage presence, and relatable engagement.  Your audience will come away with actionable items to motivate them and change their mindset!

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Recent Speaking Events


When it comes to speaking, the audience is the key! Elaine studies each audience she speaks to and tailors each message for their benefit.  She speaks to Corporate/Non-Profit groups, Women’s groups, Christian audiences, and Parents.  Just fill us in on your audience and we will find the right fit! 

Keynote Corporate/Non-Profit Topics:

  • “Want to Build Confidence? Start by Being Scared”
  • “You Can do Anything, but you Can’t do Everything: The Importance of a Team”
  • “How to Create a Culture that Thrives”
  • “You Can’t Achieve if you Don’t Believe”
  • “How to Find and Volunteers and Keep them”

Keynote Topics for Parents/Moms/Women:

  • “Ditching Mom Guilt & Finding Your Joy”
  • “Guess What? You’re Winning and You Didn’t Even Know it!”
  • “Want to Build Confidence? Start by Being Scared”
  • “Kiss Loneliness Goodbye! Discovering Community”
  • “Breaking up with Burnout and Getting Energized Again”
  • “Make Parenting Fun Again!”
Keynote Christian Audiences:
  • “Faith Starts with Being Scared”
  • “How to be a Moral Rebel”
  • “Building Real Community”
  • “Joy=Laughter”
An event comes together seamlessly when you have a good emcee. Elaine has a gift of making people feel comfortable, loosen up, and feel more engaged.  Let her bring energy & excitement to your audience and help speakers feel confident that they are in good hands.  

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Check out my new book: “Mom of Six Dies Laughing: How to Ditch Overwhelm & Mom Guilt, Fell More Connected & Empowered, and Have More Fun!”

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Elaine Kochanowicz is a motivational speaker and business owner with her husband in their growing INC 5000 business. She also helps Christian women through her podcast, social media, book, and challenges. She is a wife and mother of 6, homeschooled for 15 years, started a homeschool co-op at her kitchen table that grew to 150 people,  finished 4 triathlons, wrote a few children’s plays, and played a lot of four square! Over the years she has taught all ages from children to adults and has never failed to keep people engaged and inspired. She’s had kids in public and private school as well, has become a veteran at feeding a large family, hates laundry, and loves chocolate and adventures!