5 Great Reasons to Start or Join a Co-op

1. Build Community Co-ops are a great place to make friends, both for kids and parents.  If you find a co-op you really like, you will not only make friends, but build a community around yourself with people who may become long-term friends of your kids, yourself, or your whole family.  It may not be…

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Which Co-op is Right for my Family?

There are many different kinds of co-ops. Of course you will want to find one that works best for your family. Here are some ways to find out. Read the Handbook and Statement of Faith or Purpose (if there is one), and Class Schedule for the co-op you’re considering. Read all the documents they have…

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The Best and Easiest Way to Teach Grammar

Do any of these statements fit your family? You hate grammar Your kids hate grammar You don’t understand grammar You don’t have time to sit down and teach grammar every day After months of grammar practice your kids forget everything they’ve learned You know you need to teach grammar but don’t know where to start…

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