Easter Treasure Hunt for Teens or Multi-age Kids

Want to create a bang this Easter celebrating Jesus with your Teens or Multi-age Kiddos? (This would also work great for a Youth Group!) Check out this Treasure Hunt!

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Christmas Eve Crazy!

Let me just start by saying things don’t EVER go as you expect with kids. It doesn’t matter whether they’re 19 months or 19 years old, if you have a vision in your mind, the odds of it going that way are about as likely as if you woke up tomorrow and realized you were…

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7 Must Haves for Your Amusement/Water Park Trip!

1. Small Back Pack Take a small back pack that is light weight (use one with wider straps if the string straps cut into your arms—you’ll be wearing it a long time!) Only take what you can fit into this pack (unless you have a stroller, of course!) A pack with at least one or…

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7 Brilliant Ideas for Keeping Little Ones Busy at the Ball Game this Summer

1.Think Inside the Box! When my older ones were playing baseball, I would bring a large, shallow Rubbermaid bin and a blanket to the games for my little ones. Sometimes it would be filled with cornmeal, scoops, containers, plastic cars to make tracks in the cornmeal, dump trucks, etc. so they could have their own…

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