Easter Treasure Hunt for Teens or Multi-age Kids

Easter Treasure Hunt for Teens or Multi-age Kids

Want to create a bang this Easter celebrating Jesus with your Teens or Multi-age Kiddos? With a little help from ChildrensMinistry.com my family had a blast today celebrating the resurrection!  We used their Treasure Hunt and adapted it to fit our house.

The clues were verses from the Easter story.  Each clue was hidden in an Easter egg. We have 6 kids ages 7-19, so I split them into teams of 2 with a younger kid and older kid together.  Each team had its own color coded eggs. So team one was looking for pink eggs, team two blue eggs, team three orange eggs.

The kids had to find an item inside each verse and try to find it in the house or yard to locate the next Easter egg/clue.  I did not tell them what item they were looking for in the verse because most of my kids are older, so I wanted to make it challenging for them.  I did keep an eye on everyone though and occasionally gave hints so they wouldn’t get off track. If you want to make it easier you could highlight the item in the verse or give an additional hint at the bottom of the verse.

My kids LOVED it!  My 19 year old said after, “Mom, this was the best Easter hunt…I was emotionally invested in the outcome!” Can you tell he’s 19???  Want to see them in action? Check out the video below! I will say the 7 year old was a little disappointed with what he got in his basket.  I ended up trading him out for some other things. Well, 5 out of 6 happy kids is pretty good odds, anyway! I will say, if I did it again I would have had a regular hunt for the 7 year old as well as the treasure hunt.  I think doing both would have made him happier. But we worked it out in the end.

It was hysterical watching them race around the house! Hope you have as much fun as we did!  Download and print pdf with instructions and clues below.