Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas: Preschool-2nd Grade

Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas: Preschool-2nd Grade

Music and Movement (Songs, action songs, finger plays and rhymes, worship songs, rhythm instruments.)

Make and Move (Kiddos make their own instruments or crafts for music–bell bracelets for their feet, rings or sticks with ribbons, scarf flags, tambourines made from paper plates, egg shakers, etc. and use them with music or games)

Circle Time (talk about weather, calendar, shapes, colors, etc. and have Show and Tell at the end)

Drama (act out a well loved story such as the Three Little Pigs or a Bible Story. When not practicing, play acting games, action songs, etc.)

Act it Out! (Read a book that includes many characters and a good storyline. Then have the kids pick which character they want to be and act it out! Bring some fun props too!)

Fairy Tales (Read a fairy tale, make a snack or craft based on the fairy tale, then act out the fairy tale!

PE (Ring around the Rosie, What time is it Mr. Fox, Simon Says, Pretend to be different animals, Red Light Green Light, etc.)

Olympics (Racing games, relay games, sports simplified like instead of tennis us the rackets but a big bouncy ball, silly races like hopping backwards or crab walking, Olympic crafts like medals or leaf crowns, games using the 5 colored Olympic rings, etc.)

Community Helpers (Talk about a different person in the community every week such as Librarians, Firemen, Policemen, Pastors, Nurses, Doctors, Farmers, Veterinarians, etc. Dress up, make crafts, say rhymes, and bring people in who do these jobs to come as guest speakers.)

Center Time (have different parents volunteer to bring in sets of toys each week and set them up in centers. Toy ideas: dress up for girls, dress up for boys, trains, blocks, duplos, kitchen play, tools, baby dolls and accessories, etc.)

Camp Out (Set up a tent and read a story, play in the tent, make smores, study bugs, make a tent and sleeping bag craft, make hot dogs or hot chocolate, do pretend fishing with a magnet at the end of a string on a pole, read books about camping, etc)

Group Of Children On Camping Trip Together

Castles (Read books on castles, make a play castle out of cushions, tables, and blankets, make a castle out of cardboard and paint it, use toilet paper rolls and cardboard or construction paper to make knight armor, read about knights or dragons, color or draw a dragon, make castles out of gram crackers, icing, toothpicks, and marshmallows and eat them, read a fairy tale and act it out, etc.)

Geography (Each week study a different country. Color it on the map, learn how to say hi, thank you, and goodbye in their language, make or try a traditional food, do an art or craft project, show pictures of the country or a video)

China (Make lucky red envelopes with play money, make Chinese lanterns from construction paper, Read Chinese themed books, watch a video on China, study panda bears and do a craft, make Chinese fans, color dragon coloring sheets, make a great wall of china with marshmallows, make cherry trees using the bottom of a soda bottle dipped in pink paint for the blooms, bring in a rice sensory bucket, etc.)

Rainbows (Create rainbow pictures and crafts, make tie dye shirts, study each of the colors, eat foods for different colors of the rainbow, do color sorting projects, make rainbow snacks, etc.)

Oceans (Bring in water play, study whales, sharks, or dolphins, visit an aquarium, read books on the ocean, make starfish using playdo or clay, bring in shells or starfish to touch, visit the beach, make a landscape painting of the ocean with a boat, bring in a sensory tub with sand, make tuna fish crackers, etc.)

Reptiles (Go to a nature center and see the snakes, lizards, turtles etc., read crocodile themed books, make snake crafts, bring in a turtle, make a turtle habitat, pretend to be different reptiles, etc.)

Rainforest (Read books on the rainforest, pretend to be rainforest animals, make parrot crafts using pre-cut construction paper, do finger plays about monkeys, read about monkeys, talk about which animals live in different levels of the rainforest, watch a video, have a competition to see who can hang on the monkey bars longest like a sloth, etc.)

Famous People (Read a story book about a famous person each week and do a craft and game; example, read a book on the Wright Brothers then make an airplane craft and play an airplane themed game)

From Here to There (Each week talk about a different mode of transportation: cars, trains, boats, airplanes, bikes, etc. Bring in riding toys, bring in toy trains, bring in matchbox cars and a ramp to race them, make boats from tin foil and see how many pennies you can put in before they sink, make paper airplanes, etc.)

Sensory Sensation! (Each week a new sensory play item: corn meal with tiny cars and dump trucks; rice or beans with muffin pans, scoops, and containers; playdo with rollers, cutters, stampers; water play with boats, ducks, scoops; cotton balls with scoopers, dump trucks, boxes with lids, containers, etc.)

Story Snacks (Read a few story books on a specific theme and then have the kids make a simple snack that goes with the theme. Example: Read several books that have boats in the story line and make apple boats–apple cut in half, put peanut butter on top, stick toothpick in and add a quarter slice onto toothpick for sail.)

Four Seasons (Songs, crafts, finger plays, games, about the four seasons, how animals and plants look and live during the seasons, and what activities people do.)

Spring (books on spring, flower art projects, bring in some baby chicks or a bunny, take a field trip to a farm or petting zoo, insect crafts, paint with carrots, grow a seed, etc.)

Summer (Read summer themed books, sensory play with a bin full of sand, play games with a beach ball, take a field trip to a pool, finger plays about the sun, study places that are always hot like jungles or deserts, bring in a water bin with toys, etc.)

Fall (Pick up different leaves and make a picture with them, read fall themed books, make a snack with apples, visit a pumpkin patch, paint on pumpkins, create scarecrows out of pre-cut construction paper parts, do fall themed finger plays, etc.)

Winter (bring in ice cubes with scoops and tongs to play with, make a self portrait and add a hat, coat, and mittens pre-cut from construction paper, study cold animals like polar bears or penguins, make ice cream, use white clay and make snowmen, etc.)

Math Magic (Counting songs, sorting activities, making the numbers with noodles, counting books, shapes, math games, etc.)

Games (For older kids you can include some board games like Candy Land and Shutes and Ladders. For both young and old games like Hullabaloo, Duck Duck Goose, Red Light Green Light, Mother May I, Parachute, etc.)

Science Exploration (Sensory tables, simple chemical reactions like volcanoes or Elephant’s toothpaste, magnets, physics (drop balls vs. feathers or make duplo cars and roll them down a slope, etc.)

Space (Make astronaut helmets out of popcorn buckets, study the planets, make a model of the planets using construction paper, watch Magic School Bus on space, make a comet craft, sing space themed songs, read books with space themes, etc.)

Human Body (Songs, crafts, finger plays, games that themed around major body parts such as teeth, head, eyes, shoulders, feet, etc.)

5 Senses (Hearing play different sounds and see if they can identify them, make music, sing songs; Site have them paint something and all guess what it is, learn about colors, create rainbow crafts; Touch have a sensory bin with corn meal and little trucks or scoops, create a box with items in it so when they stick their hands in they try to guess the item by touching, have sensory bowls with jello, noodles, dry rice, etc.; Taste have them make a snack and eat it. Blindfold and have them guess different fun foods; Smell have different items in containers and have them smell them and guess them, make a pretty smelling pouch to hang in their house)

Bugs! (Learn about all kinds of insects and creepy crawlers–spiders, ants, grasshoppers, praying mantis, etc. Read books, sings songs, catch bugs, do finger plays, make crafts, etc.)

Birds (Read about owls, hawks, hummingbirds, robins, bluejays, etc., make bird crafts, make bird feeders, make bird seed treats to hang in the trees, go on a nature walk to look for birds, come up with a story together about a day in the life of a bird and draw it on a white board, etc.)

Holidays (Using the main holidays of the year, and maybe a few crazy ones as well, read books, do crafts for each holiday, study the calendar, sing calendar songs, etc.)

Painting (finger painting, bubble painting, shaving cream painting, painting using different sized brushes, marble rolling, watercolor and salt painting, roller brush painting, etc.)

Ponds (Go visit a pond, play a game where you have to swim, hop, jump, fly, etc., make insect crafts, do frog finger plays, create pond animals from playdo or clay, read pond themed books, etc.)

Wild Kratts (Watch an episode of Wild Kratts and do crafts, activities, and games that go with it. For example, watch the episode on earth worms. Make an earth worm habitat to take home or make one in the classroom and put the worms in it. Touch them and talk about how they are made. Make an earthworm picture using noodles. You can get a subscription to PBS Kids for $5 a month and cancel at any time to access all the Wild Kratts episodes.)