The Perfect Day–or Not?

The Perfect Day–or Not?

Last Tuesday I had an AWESOME DAY!

  • Got up early
  • Worked out
  • Cooked a healthy breakfast
  • Helped the kids with their schoolwork
  • Got the kids caught up on some late homework
  • Cleaned the kitchen, my room, the bathrooms
  • Made a wonderful dinner
  • Played outside with the kids
  • Had a great conversation with my teenager while teaching her to drive
  • Worked on my blog
  • Spent time with my husband

If only that was the rule and not the exception! NORMAL DAY…

  • Wake up early to dirty kitchen
  • Escape to gym to avoid kitchen
  • Come back and rearrange dirty dishes so there’s enough room to cook breakfast
  • Rearrange stuff on the table so we can eat breakfast
  • Let kids watch just ONE more episode of Arthur while I take a shower
  • Never make it to the shower because I walked by the couch
  • Finish last episode with the kids
  • Yell at everyone frantically to hurry up and get their chores done because we are 30 minutes behind schedule
  • Finished prepping for science while the kids clean up because I forgot to do it last week
  • Have the kids sit in the kitchen so I can wash dishes, sweep, clean counters, and prep for dinner while I help with grammar, writing, math, and spelling at the same time.
  • Eat a healthy lunch of frozen pizza
  • Teach geography, science, Spanish, art, and read aloud
  • Collapse into a coma on the couch while the kids…actually I have no idea what they were doing…
  • Wake up and yell at the kids to get off YouTube and GO OUTSIDE!
  • Stumble into the kitchen….open the door and yell at the kids to COME BACK IN and clean up
  • Help the kids clean up from lunch, science experiements, art, workbooks, writing, snacks, Sonic cups from the quick run we made for geography…you know, orange sodas for studying Florida….oranges…..Florida….you know….
  • Make dinner
  • Leave dinner on the table for everyone else while I run kids to dance, soccer, baseball, etc.
  • Realize belatedly as I walk out the door that I never got a shower and I’m still wearing my workout clothes….
  • Catch up on the 500 emails I got that day while I’m at the practice
  • Come home, walk passed the dirty dinner dishes, see my husband on the couch
  • Sink into the couch
  • Listen to my husband tell me about his day
  • See a pillow and blanket left from this morning when the kids were watching Arthur
  • Snuggle up on the couch
  • Try to remember what my husband was just saying
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz