Mother’s Day Special! “Mom of Six Dies Laughing”




Get your copy of “Mom of Six Dies Laughing” today! Pick up your book on May 7th at the Laughing Place Bakery and Elaine will sign it for you! 504 NE 70th St. Ste B Kansas City, MO 64118


How do you deal with mouthy teenagers, dirty diapers, unhappy customers, grouchy husbands, and hormones?  

After 6 kids and 20 years in the pen…I mean, parenting…Christian author Elaine Kochanowicz knows what it’s like to be in the trenches of motherhood! 

Using humor and true stories of the unexpected adventures of mom life, Elaine helps moms realize they’re not alone, they’re not crazy, and they CAN throw overwhelm and mom guilt out the window and have more fun!

In this book Elaine covers

  • The secrets for feeling less stressed and more in control of your day
  • How to get closer to Jesus in the middle of the craziness
  • The key ingredients for avoiding burnout
  • Fun ideas to do with your children of ALL ages (from babies to young adults)
  • Practical advice for the biggest hurdles of modern parenting 
  • Advice from her own experience on choosing the best educational model for your child
  • How new moms can avoid the pitfalls of mom guilt and make the best choices for their baby
  • And much more!

Mom, you need a break! So grab this book, grab a mocha, escape from your kiddos for a few minutes (even if that means locking yourself in the bathroom!) and enjoy this easy to read, humorous ride through motherhood that will transform you from feeling like the Grinch to feeling Great in no time!

If you are in search of some parenting “realness,” look no further.

In this raw & witty work you will find stories, tips and tricks from a Mama who knows not to take herself– or her kids!– too seriously! Elaine gives her perspective on everything from fitness and mental health to child-discipline and nipple cream. This book shines with personality, style and most importantly– the light of Christ. A fun & easy read!  -L. French