How to Avoid Problems in Your Homeschool Group: High School Handbook

How to Avoid Problems in Your Homeschool Group: High School Handbook

Here is our high school handbook. Feel free to use it as a model for your high school group to set expectations and prevent problems before they start!



❖ The teacher is expected to choose, plan, and prep the curriculum.

❖ A syllabus is required for high school classes to help students, as well as parents, gain an understanding of the expectations of the class from the beginning of the semester.

❖ High school classes should have homework assigned each week as an hour to an hour and a half each week is not sufficient to cover material at this level. As a guideline, the course planning will be based on 120-130 hours with an emphasis on thinking and learning, rather than busywork, or completion of the curriculum.

❖ Each class will be assigned aides. Aides should actively participate through grading coursework, participating in class, or assisting with the planning/prep for the class upon request of the teacher.

❖ Teachers should stress, at the beginning of the semester, that students should come to class prepared and be ready to actively participate.

❖ Teachers are expected to maintain discipline and demand respect from the students at all times. HIGH SCHOOL FACEBOOK PAGE/HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS

❖ A high school ONLY Facebook page will be available with relevant information for high school classes and students will be required to check this regularly or they will miss information needed for the classes.

❖ Teachers will post assignments and information on the facebook page by midnight on Monday night.

❖ Parents may be expected to assist in grading by a specific due date, and the teacher will assign them a final grade for their work. Rubrics will be provided so parents and students are clear on all expectations.


❖ Education, accountability, and participation are the main goals.

❖ Participation will be factored in when figuring the overall grade which includes: ➢ Finishing all assignments and bringing the finished work to class, on time. ➢ Having any necessary supplies. ➢ Ready to contribute during class discussions. ➢ Understanding homework assignments are NOT optional. ➢ Disruptions should be kept to a minimum.


❖ Parents are expected to partner with the teachers to make the year as successful as possible and maintain a high standard of learning for their student(s).

❖ This may include getting students to class on time, grading papers, helping students prepare for class or complete assignments, buying necessary supplies students may require, etc. ELECTRONIC DEVICES

❖ The teacher has the right to determine whether electronic devices are allowed in their class and to what extent they may be used, if allowed. DISCIPLINE AND CONSEQUENCES

❖ The co-op leadership is always available to back up or assist teachers, if needed, when discipline issues arise.

❖ Teachers and directors reserve the right to drop a student due to refusal to participate in class, more than 3 unexcused absences, consistently disrupting class, or failing to come to class prepared each week.