7 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Spend Time with God

7 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Spend Time with God

Moms are busy. Whether you have little ones you have to chase or big ones you have to taxi around, you’ve got your hands full! Add homeschooling or work, plus all the activities, it can be a whirlwind. How can you prioritize your own time with God in all the craziness? Here are 5 easy ways to make it happen!

1. Ear Buds!

One of the best combinations I ever discovered was a cell phone + ear buds. When I am washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, folding laundry, I plug in my little “buddies” and listen to Christian music (Think Capital Kings) or a sermon. This is a great way to refocus your attention back to God and revitalize your spirit and be checking off that to-do list at the same time. If you have little ones and need to be keeping an eye on them, or your older kids are needing occasional math help at the same time, just put one ear bud in and leave the other out. I do this all the time. That way I can still here what’s going on around me and get my “Jesus Fix” at the same time.

2. Go for a Walk!

Go for a walk or jog and talk to God or break out those ear buds again while you’re moving. Do it before the kids get up or bring the stroller if you need to and pack a kid or two along. You’ll feel better in more ways than one!

3. Break Out Those Sweet Dance Moves!

When in doubt, turn on the worship music and turn up the volume! Have it on while you and the kids are playing a game, doing chores, or in the car. And don’t be afraid to break out and dance a little too! You’ll feel uplifted and the kids will love it too! (Yes, even the teenagers! They may groan a little at your dance moves, but they’ll feel better too!)

4. Teach Your Kids!

If you don’t have time in a day to read the Bible yourself, chances are you might have time to read to your kids. You can do it before bed, in the morning, or at dinner. Read the kids bible or the regular bible, depending on their ages. It may seem like it’s for them, but teaching them may impact you even more. I find reading to my kids sometimes makes it come alive for me even more than reading it myself. I’m more mindful of what they are getting out of it and what I might add to it from my own experiences, so teaching them brings it alive for me.

5. Pick a Verse!

Pick one verse for the day or even the week. Write it on a note card or in your phone…somewhere you will see it often. Meditate on it as you go through your day. Try to memorize it, or even teach it to your kids. It may not seem like much, but sometimes concentrating on one verse can be even more powerful than reading loads of chapters, especially if it’s a verse that really speaks to where you are.

6. Just Listen!

Even though life is busy, all day you are thinking about your family or work, and all day you are making decisions. Ask God about them! Practice asking him questions all day and “talking” to him as you go along. Send up little thanks as you see people or events you’re grateful for. The more you talk and listen to God, the more it will be like an ongoing conversation all day. You talk to him, and you hear his voice easier too.

7. Get Together!

One time I was so mad at my husband I couldn’t see straight. That night I had to teach the preschoolers at church. I always did the lesson and prayer. I was thinking to myself, “How am I going to teach these kids how to get closer to God when I don’t want to even think about him right now!” Needless to say, after spending all evening with them singing, learning, praying, and teaching about God, I couldn’t be mad at my husband anymore.

Being in God’s presence with other believers is a powerful way to change your heart and your circumstances. Go to church, teach at church, go to a bible study, a mom’s group, a prayer meeting, or spend time with a Christian friend. Find a time that works for your kids and family, or something with childcare, and go each week. You won’t regret it!